Introduction to heated breathing masks


You can rest assured to buy Heating Breath Mask from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. WARM TOUR Heating Breath Mask Outdoor Security Patrol Adjustable Temperature Heating mouth Air Soft Nozzle Cover.

Heating Breath Mask Wear it well before switching it on.

*Confirm that the mask is removed 3 to 5 seconds after switching off to avoid continuous heating of the product and damage to the plastic casing. 

*Please set the product to the appropriate gear for extended wear and refer to the product usage time chart.

*Heating Breath Mask lt Is recommended to put the rechargeable battery In the Inner pocket of your clothes to avoid direct exposure in ultra-low ambient temperatures. 

*Please disassemble and clean the product at 10°C or above to avoid hardening and damage to the plastic at low temperatures.