How to make a heating mask


The heating mask promotes blood circulation and perspiration and decontamination of the face by conducting heat to the skin, which is beneficial to the health of the facial skin, relieves facial pain and helps to eliminate bruises.

In addition, the heating mask can also be used in conjunction with the maintenance mask, which can promote the absorption of the ingredients of the mask by the skin, or heat the mask when it is cold, and keep the mask at a certain temperature, which can make the mask feel comfortable.

The traditional heating mask is composed of a bag body and a heating powder. The heating powder is mostly composed of iron powder, carbon powder, halogen salt, thickener, water and other ingredients. , halogen salt and carbon powder help to form a galvanic effect with iron powder to improve the speed of the oxidation reaction, so as to obtain a suitable heating temperature.

The heating powder is encapsulated in the bag body, which is restricted by the shape of the bag body. The single area of the heating body formed in this way is relatively large, and it cannot be made into a small single body, and it is relatively heavy. To a lesser degree. And because the heating powder formed by iron powder, carbon powder, halogen salt, thickener, and water is a slightly wet powdery material, the cohesion between the powders is weak. When it is packed in the bag, it will be affected by gravity. Sometimes the powder will fall into the bag, resulting in uneven distribution of the heat-generating powder in the bag, and the phenomenon that the lower part heats up quickly and the upper part heats slowly or even does not heat up. Moreover, the particle size of the heating powder material is small, and if the bag body is slightly damaged or the sealing is not tight, the material will leak, and it is very easy to stain clothes or skin.

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