What are the methods of shower cabin?


Bathroom shower cabin needs to pay attention to partition, shower cabin method has what?
1, if it is separated from the wet and dry area, you can directly use glass, the following only need to do a retaining stone, the subsequent choice of partition style. There are push-pull and closed-door upper partition showers, the bottom right corner toilet, the door opens outward, the wash basin is not installed outside, the wood floor is easy to break,
2, if installed inside, the shower is on the right, the sink with the kitchen, don't trouble, it must be the gossip, the whole toilet unroofed sewer modification, shower room is not very safe, the design of the partition, shower without sliding door, folding door with a two-door leaf, shower partition with glass.
3, if it is separated from a bathroom with light steel keel enemy, cement pressure plate cover, so as to stick the wall brick, red brick partition can also be used, but the cost is relatively high. With Jacques force or stone waterproof table, it is recommended to do frosted glass partition shower partition with glass.
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