Why choose heating masks?


First of all, we need to understand the use of heating masks, so as to know their general sales. At present, heating masks are used for two reasons. One is to cope with extremely cold weather. In northeast China or some relatively cold countries, such as Russia, the climate is below -30 degrees Celsius. People's faces are vulnerable to frostbite when they go out. When people are breathing, because the temperature is too low, people will have a very uncomfortable tingling sensation. The use of heating masks can greatly alleviate the pain caused by this aspect.Another reason for using heating masks: Due to the recent outbreak, according to relevant data released by the state, temperatures above 58 degrees can kill live viruses. Heating masks can effectively reduce the consumption of disposable masks. It is of great help to save personal expenses. After a busy day, you only need to take off the heating mask and heat it with electricity to kill the virus on the surface.

heating masks