Heating Mask

Heating Mask is produced by WARM TOUR factory - the manufacturers and suppliers in China. Heating mask long enough to cover your face, nose, mouth.Protect you from relentless cold temperatures:Combines face mask with activated carbon filters provide a double protection for you in winter with warm and dust-proof. Warm with extended length for better wind and cold protection.Good idea for those who work outdoors or long time expoesed on the face mask practical and comfortable to again various tough conditions while maintaining breathability:One unisex size fit for any sizes head, can be worn under hat, helmet,hooded jacket to keep your face out of harms during cycling, snowboarding, skiing,motorcycling events.
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Heating Facial Mask

Heating Facial Mask

WARM TOUR® as the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Heating Facial Mask. Heating facial Mask Travel USB Heated Mouth Cover Adjustable Temperature Control Safety Soft Mouth Cover. Heating facial Mask multi-functional mask is powered by a rechargeable power supply for heating and insulation, humidifying the air and alleviating the discomfort of cold air, and can be washed repeatedly to keep It clean and hygienic, with dust filters placed to filter dust particles.

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As one of the professional China Heating Mask manufacturers and suppliers, we have accumulated rich experience and we will continue to work hard. You are welcome to buy Heating Mask from WARM TOUR, we also provide customized service. We are proud of the products made in China. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for consultation and negotiation. For more information, contact us now.
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