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Company Profile

WARM TOUR is a manufactures and Suppliers, specializing in the production of heating mask, warm mask, face mask, etc. The company is located in Ninghai County, Ningbo City, just established in October 2020, belongs to a new start-up company; The company mainly develops, manufactures and sells portable air heaters (multifunctional heating masks). The product model size 4, a variety of colors, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Products have a number of national patents and utility model patents, and appearance patents. In the portable air heating mask industry leading position. Due to the limited market volume of new products in the early stage, the company has limited assets acquisition and equipment resources.

Ningbo Nuanhai Electric Appliance Co.,LTD. We are located in Ningbo City, the most important seaport city in China.We are only 40 Kilometers far from Ningbo Airport. Near the express way, the transportation is very convenient.We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting Protective and outdoor products. Mouth cover is our hot product.We have outstanding management, strong production capability and advanced technology ability to design and develop many new items which have good quality control and testing at every stage of the production process.

Warm Tour is our brand. We can ensure that each product is eco-friendly and will provide long life and high performance service.

Product Application

The multi-functional mask is powered by a rechargeable power supply for heating and insulation, humidifying the air and alleviating the discomfort of cold air, and can be washed repeatedly to keep It clean and hygienic, with dust filters placed to filter dust particles.

The ceramic heater is used to heat the air for smooth and comfortable breathing at low temperatures (for diversified groups of people such as the elderly, cold physique, outdoor sports, security guards, military and police patrols).

*Ahumanoid design for the nose of the product to eliminate the entry of rainwater.

*Add water (or saline) to increase air humidity when the air inside the product is dry.

* Cheeks and ears are wrapped with a face shield for warmth and as an alternative to a scarf.

♦Itls designed with a nose Inlet and mouth outlet, saving electricity and providing better results.

Our Certificate


Our service

1. No three-pack voucher and valid invoice.

2. Failure caused by failure to operate the unit in accordance with the instructions.

3. One of the following cases is not covered by the warranty: *Damage caused by improperuse, storage and maintenance by the consumer.

*Damage caused by non-company repairand disassembly. *Damage caused by force majeure.

4. For productsnot covered by the warranty, our Customer Service Department is still at your service with enthusiasm.

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